“Career Development Program for the needs of digital age”

Brief Description:

Prayatna extended its concept of learning Life Skills for better future prospects in Govt. School premises in off hours in form of “UTTHAAN” concept where school children can join special programs that majorly focus on development of Professional Skills as Career Skills. It is meant for classes 11th to 12th and above. It also covers various aspects of Career Choices, Planning and providing Professional Courses in another part.

UTTHAAN provide sustainable employment opportunities after completion of these courses.

Calibre Enhancement program (CEP): It is designed to improve two important career oriented skills:

  • Logical, analytical ability and
  • Verbal ability

Program is planned for rigorous efforts through instructor led classroom practice sessions. Generally, students of government school lack in both the skills. Logical development is important not only as a life skill but also as a career skill for learning mathematics, solving problem, clearing entrances etc. Verbal skill is a day to day skill as well as career kill wherein one need to express and address in various form of communication either one to one, group or public speaking. Strong logical and verbal ability at early stages supports career and education positively.

It also covers several skills come handy at all stages of life like:

  • Team work and Adaptability
  • Pro-activeness
  • Confidence & Communication
  • How to manage problems & stress
  • Leadership & Decision making skills

It is activity based learning sessions to give practical demonstration of skills to help trainer and students to identify the gap areas and share feedbacks.

Career Planning and Counseling (CPC): Parents, students do not use any scientific guidance tool to assess the potential, strengths and areas of improvement to make the educational or career choices, 90% of the students do not even assess their potential before choosing a stream or career while 85% of them feels unhappy after few years, with their choices, Stream selection & Career choices are lifetime decisions & choices made with planning keeps the success ratio as high as 97% hence the linkage of education to career becomes extremely important.

Career Development Courses (CDC): Providing best possible Professional Career Development Courses for students of classes above 12th (age 18 years) so that they get engaged in some employment as early as possible. It is meant for those who want to pursue any professional, technical course for early employment and to continue further education side by side.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned facts, UTTHAAN comes with an idea of making informed career choices and hence, offering a systematic and sustainable professional courses to students with the help of our Experts and Partners.

We provide Various Career Development Courses for disadvantaged youth, college students and young professionals who looks for more sustainable career courses. After completion of courses we provide 100% Placement opportunities in professional sector.

Currently Prayatna offering Courses in following categories:

  • Retail Management
  • Data Entry and Software
  • BPO Executive

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