Problems faced by NGOs in Gurgaon district

Issues with Admissions: Presently, 'Prayatna' is focusing on enrollment of migrant children of village Molahera, sector 22, sector 23 into nearby govt. school, which is in Molahera village of sector 22 and Carterpuri govt. school.

“With effect of Right To Education Act 2009 from 1st April all children have right to access the free and compulsory education in govt. schools of entire country. “ While admitting children into Molahera govt. school, 'Prayatna' faced a number of problems, which are enlisted below:

  • Primary teaching staff has told us that they are not aware about the RTE Act and they are not even informed of the exact provisions of this Act. According to them they have not received any official notification from the officials yet. They have seen the RTE information only in the newspapers.
  • However, Primary Section Head first admitted and then denied admitting the children because of the pressure of teaching staff. As they are not aware of new provisions of admissions and they are still taking various measures as before. With this attitude parents, guardians and organizations that are working for effective implementation of this act are facing various problems and admissions have become cumbersome process.
  • As per RTE section 14, clause (2)  “No child shall be denied admission in a school for lack of age proof” School staff wants us to submit an age proof as before and without doing this they are not ready to complete admission process of children.
  • As per RTE section 4 – ‘If a child who has not been admitted into any govt. school or though admitted could not complete his/her studies due to various reasons then he/she shall be admitted appropriate to his/her age’School staff is not considering child age and they are taking tests. If a child who is a drop out due to various reasons and involved in some kind of employment and wants to get back to academics but cannot fulfill the ‘screening procedure’ criteria then he or she is unable to get admit.
  • As per RTE section 13, clause (2) - it prohibits any screening procedure for the admission. But school staff is taking tests before admissions. ‘Prayatna’ has also offered help in this regard by arranging ‘remedial coaching classes’ for the children on our own expenses. Despite this, school authorities have refused admission and have asked us to take permission from the district officials like DEEO and DEO.
  • Please provide the exact criteria of admission fee with exact amount? In different schools it is different.

Approached to District Administration:

  • 'Prayatna' has approached and raised all above points to the district administration i.e. ADC, DEO and DEEO of Gurgaon.
  • 'Prayatna' had a very good meeting with DEEO and ADC. They listen carefully, got the raised points, asked about the exact help and directions and assured for the right and full support.
  • DEEO Jyoti Chaudhary has issued a letter to 'Prayatna' for the hassle free admissions of children in nearby govt. schools as per the RTE norms. It is clearly indicated in the letter that no fees will be incurred for children admissions and no age-proof or even affidavits will be submitted for the 'Prayatna' children.

Good role by Media:

Media has played a vital role in this matter when Dainik Bhasker has also reported all these issues in well format in its daily editions. DB followed the issue with the officials regularly two weeks along with ‘Prayatna’. They have given full support to this matter and school authorities are scared by the continuous news coverage of the leading newspaper.

Now the problem is:

It is exclusively only for the 'Prayatna' and not for all.

The problem persists:

  • If somebody does not approach to officials
  • If somebody does not have the same letter of 'Prayatna'
  • If somebody approach to school on individual basis and ask about the admissions as per the RTE norms

Common issues and challenges for NGO and common citizens

  • For our joint group, just admissions and our orgz. children admissions are not our motive. We are committed for the right and error-free implementation of act at all levels. We all are agreeing with this.
  • In Delhi there is much more alert-awake administration working there as we all seen that there is a RTE help line in Delhi but not in Gurgaon. Haryana state govt. has not shown any initiation in this direction.
  • There is no Child Right Protection Commission in Haryana, unlike in Delhi which is main governing body of RTE.  If we find some inconsistencies then only this body is responsible to act on that as per the rules and regulations mentioned in RTE Act 2009.
  • In Gurgaon, no one and even the officials, state administration and school authorities are not aware about the simple terminologies of Act. We need an official notification of proper guidelines of this Act to all schools of Gurgaon not only to Govt. schools but also to private schools too.
  • We must urge to govt. that there should be ‘RTE Helping Hand’ present at each and every govt. school of Gurgaon and in Haryana state. This can be a single person or a body who is responsible for providing help, guidelines and assistance of RTE Act. 
    He/She should be fully aware of all provisions of act and can act as a bridge between school and admission seekers.

Possible approach and solutions

For Hassle free admissions and proper implementation in govt. schools we NGOs can provide us for assistance.

  • We should come forward to meet the officials again and build a pressure to education department for proper notifications to all the schools across the district and then for entire state schools.
  • NGO’s like us who are already working in education field can act as volunteers in this process. We offer our services for the same. We can be render our services for the RTE helping hands in govt. schools
  •  RTE itself provide a way to all NGOs. In section 2(h) ‘local authority’ definition is there and NGO comes into that category. NGO can work along with the other local administrative bodies like municipal councils, panchayats or Municipal Corporation.
  • The biggest demand is – Form a State Child Right Protection Commission in Haryana. In RTE it is clearly mention that only state CRPC is the legal authority to take care of all issues related to RTE. Unfortunately few states don’t have that and Haryana is one of them.

    We should raise our voice to Haryana education department by sending a letter and then a representation to Chandigarh. CM of Haryana should also be approached in this regard, too.

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