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Brief Description:

Prayatna’s STG (Science & Technology) Classes are aimed towards providing a well-functioning curriculum, practical applications to enhance logical intelligence and provide students with enormous opportunities to build projects on their own on multiple topics. These classes provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the contemporary world.

Exposure to these classes will help engage students in the practice of science, not just the study of scientific findings. In the long run, knowledge gained from these classes will provide favorable conditions for the country’s growth and increase healthy competition nationally and internationally.

Problem Statement

  • Indian Education System does not provide learning environment to create a “Research Mindset” amongst students
  • Indian Schools do not promote hands on experience and practical usages of Science and Technology in daily usage
  • Indian Schools have not been able to build a scientific temperament scientific temperament amongest students to solve the problems at large
  • Young generation of India doesn’t know how to think, create, innovate products with entrepreneurship thinking

Core Objectives

  • Start creating Interests and building an aptitude of “Research and Development”
  • Building a scientific temperament in solving problems at school level
  • Providing opportunities to learn and work on emerging technologies at school level
  • Providing best practical exposure to students in Science and Technology Works
  • Providing scholarships for Research and Development Works at school level
  • Providing industry experts, mentors to guide the students as per the demand of industry and current trends
  • Evaluating and nurturing Talents in early days of schooling. Transform the schools into a tech savvy one
  • Doing “Research Works” in schools alone will change the landscape of Indian Education.

How It is Solved in other countries

  • STEM based learning is provided in US education model (in schools)
  • From grade 6th to 10th students are being indulged in various hands-on experience projects
  • At schools, students are involved in various vocational courses that build their mindset for entrepreneurship journey in future days
  • By the students reach at college level they are ready and experienced enough with engineering mindset
  • Money is provided by Public and Private Partnerships

How “Prayatna” is solving this problem

  • Prayatna has established a group Science & Technology (STG) and set up a L&D Lab at its own Child Development and Learning Centre (CDLC) at Gurugram in early 2021
  • Nearby Government school students have been joining regularly in post school hours
  • Doing various Science and Internet based works at different levels, grades
  • Started Coding Classes to school students according to grades
  • Helping in towards creating an “Aptitude of Research and Problem Solving” on varied problems and finding out its solutions

STG Gallery

Smart Car Parking Modal System
ECO Consultant Science Project . Created by Ajeet
Junior Scientist Making Robots
Science & Technology Classes
Science Exhbition in Prayatna
LPG Gas and Humidity and Tempreture Detector

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