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A New Initiative, Towards make Better Education for All

Prayatna’s “IT NEET Classes” is one of our central programmes which aims to provide online, free of cost, diversified, PAN India IIT NEET coaching classes to all those students who cannot make it to a higher amount of fee in IIT NEET courses. This programme is conducted online and incorporates students from diverse backgrounds. The smooth functioning of a robust and secured digital ecosystem is applied virtually in these classes, facilitating barrier-free online education. IIT NEET departments are some of the most sought-after sectors but due to the higher amount of expense in these coachings, there exist a set of students who remain devoid of this opportunity. Undoubtedly, lockdown following the pandemic even worsened the situation. It was in this light of the moment that Prayatna, as an educational organization, decided to take a step forward and build up solutional reform. To create opportunities out of these drawbacks, we initiated this programme intending to provide the best online coaching for IIT JEE & NEET preparations.


  • Provision of IIT NEET coaching to students through online learning at absolutely free of cost to promote economically friendly education.
  • Emphasis on following the proper pattern of JEE Advanced paper to cover up all the prerequisite syllabus for these exams.
  • The smooth functioning of a robust and secured digital ecosystem is applied virtually, facilitating barrier-free online education.
  • Emphasis on developing two-way interaction between teachers and students.
  • 12 renowned expert faculties from significant educational institutions.
  • Enrolled around 300+ students from almost every state, making the learning more diversified at a PAN India level.
  • Targeting economically weaker, marginalized, disadvantaged students from remote regions to reach the rural and underprivileged students and provide them with equal opportunities.

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