Smt Padmini Bai Mudholkar Prayatna Scholarship Program
"Empowering and Inspiring the Students to Excel as Lifelong Learners"

Smt. Padmini Bai Mudholkar Prayatna Scholarship

Smt. Padmini Bai Mudholkar Prayatna Scholarship program has been initiated by Ram K Mudholkar . He is providing scholarships to 20 such students who have set up their mark not only in studies but also in various activities as organized by Prayatna. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ram K Mudholkar for his act of generosity. He has set out to bridge the gap in education and we are obliged to his deeds for helping our students.

Brief Description:

To promote and support higher education among weaker section govt school students , especially the girl students. Prayatna has been actively engaged for more than 12 years in providing quality learning and personality development programmes during post school timings to its students that are enrolled in Prayatna learning centre “School of Excellence” or from any govt schools across the nation. Prayatna also provides scholarships to needy children . We are proud to announce continuation of PMPSP for the third year in 2022. PMPSP is sponsored by our respected member and mentor Mr Ramkrishna Mudholkar, in addition to helping Prayatna team in different ways.

Salient features of PMPSP are :

  • This is exclusively for government schools students and for those who need supplementary financial support to pursue higher education.
    Prayatna shall decide whoever is applicable for the scholarships.
  • 60% scholarships are reserved for “Girl Child Education and Support” and 40% is for “Boy Child Education and Support”.
  • Following are the areas considered for awarding and granting scholarships.
    • Academic performance, continuing further studies
    • Extra curricular performances in Science & Technology,Sports, Music/Art/Literature Literature works

The basic criteria of operating PMPSP:

  • Scholarships will be given for a specific period of 12 months and after this period prayatna shall evaluate its progress and then revise it.
  • Prayatna shall evaluate the eligibility of student according to its norms like family background, present status of student in academics, tenure spent by student in prayatna and performance of student in one or more specific fields.
  • Family income of less than 20,000 INR per month in tier 1 or tier 2 city.
  • Students must be affiliated to some government schools across the nation.
  • Any student who is 10th passed out is eligible for the scholarships . A few students , max 4, could be from lower classes of 9th and 10th.
  • College going students are also eligible for the scholarship program.
  • To obtain the scholarships one has to submit his/her copy of aadhaar card and school going certificate along with family income proof.
  • A maximum of 10 best Prayatna students (6 girls and 4 boys ) will be selected from among all students for this award.

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