Mitra Mandal
Student Empowerment & Leadership Program

“It is life skills based program where students indulged in various real life problems, go through with experimental learning and learn to solve them in collaborative model”
  • To develop a sense of Ownership
  • To develop a sense of Responsibility
  • To develop a sense of Leadership
  • To develop a sense of Team Spirit
  • To develop a sense of to be Empowered
  • To develop a sense of Democratic values in life

Students form a “Cabinet of Ministers” to run operations in a democratic way, where

“Students are elected for a time span to perform a designated role where they are free to take initiatives, make decisions, planning, do mistakes and learn from them, in case expectations are not fulfilled then their rights are revoked by “Right to Recall”


A Democratic Work Model - Vibrant democracy at Prayatna

  • Few selected students form a Cabinet of Ministers called “Mitra-Mandal” to run School/Educational Centre/Operations in a democratic way
  • Having different key-positions in Students Cabinet “Mitra-Mandal” like Vitra-Mitra, Saahitya-Mitra, Kala-Mitra, Sawasthya-Mitra, Khel-Mitra, Sanskriti-Mitra and Nyay-Mitra, Students take oath before they start their designated tasks.

The key positions also do have their dignity and associated responsibilities.

  • All Students elect their leader “Pradhan Mitra” (like PM in India) by an election conducted once in six months. PM possesses some privileges and special responsibilities in hand.
  • Students for Key positions in Cabinet (Mitra like Ministers) are selected by all Students, in consultation with PM and teachers of School/educational centre
  • A cabinet remains active and in existence for six months, at most. In every two months their performance is evaluated and if found not up to the mark, “right to recall” procedure applied by all students

“Students Cabinet is of the students, for the students and by the students”

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