Art Festival
A Massive Cultural Event of Performing Arts

Art Festival a Part of Natyshala Program

Introducing the Natyshala Art Festival 2023! This July, we're thrilled to once again highlight the vibrant creativity of our young talents. Year after year, our festival has been a nurturing platform for thousands, propelling them to artistic greatness. In this video, past participants share their heartfelt feedback. They emphasize their love for the event, recounting their memorable moments and the joy of showcasing their creations. It’s an inspiring glimpse into the impact of our festival. Parents, we urge you to inspire your children. Encourage them to share their artistic flair. Every artwork, every melody, every dance step can be their ticket to recognition. Awaiting them is our panel of esteemed judges, ready to appreciate and award brilliance. !!! Join us !!!in this grand celebration of youthful artistry!

Brief Description:

NGO and the idea behind it is to inculcate and promote values about Indian Culture, Art and Literature. It helps in developing personality traits among children of age group 10 to 16 through Plays, Storymaking, Storytelling and other artistic and literary activities. This wing also organises Music Classes, Dance Classes and Acting classes for students, which in turn, help promote various life skills among creative aspirants.

"NatyaShala" is intended for Govt. school students who are enrolled in Prayatna. Most of the students enrolled in "NatyaShala" are from migrant families from urban rural areas of Gurgaon.

Since 2009, many plays have been played by the children. Street plays are also an integral part of NatyaShala. Through these plays, students are able to enhance their acting skills to a further extent.

Major Projects:

  • The Heroes of Panipat – year 2019 (most successful so far)
  • Bada Aadmi Kaun! – year 2016, sent to NSD, Delhi
  • Swaraaj - a tale of independence” – year 2012 to 2017 (more than 12 times it is played at various locations)
  • ‘Shivaji – the great warrior’ – year 2014 to 2018
  • The making of Vivekananda – year 2013
  • Shiksha Kyon Jaroori Hai..! – year 2009 to 2017
  • Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja - year 2019

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